How to Hang a Gate: Advice from Stellar Gates, the Gates Experts
December 14, 2023

How to Hang a Gate: Advice from Stellar Gates, the Gates Experts

Hanging a gate can be a challenging task without the right instructions to follow. Everyone wants a sturdy gate that lasts, and correct gate installation is a vital part of that. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive but simple-to-follow guide. Take your lead from Stellar Gates - the go-to gates experts in the UK. 

Our Step-by-Step Guide to Hanging a Gate

Step 1 – Purchase your gate

Naturally, before you can start hanging a gate, the first step is to purchase a reliable gate that properly fits your space!

At Stellar Gates, not only do we provide quality gates, such as our wooden side gates, in a range of sizes - but they can all also be customised to fit your space exactly. That’s why a Stellar Gates gate fits perfectly every time. Stock up on galvanised gate fixings to fit your gate at the same time. 

Step 2 – Check the strength of your gate posts

Once you have your gate, you should have pre-existing gate posts – otherwise known as mounting posts – that are strong enough to withhold the weight of a brand-new garden gate. Check the strength of these gate posts thoroughly, especially if they’re wooden. 

Wood rot is as damaging as it is invasive, and hanging a gate on a post successfully requires healthy timber. 

Step 3 – Fit the hinges to the gate

If you have purchased the necessary gate hinges and made sure all the components – like hinge pins, hinge plates and hinge bolts – are in good order, proceed to position the hinges atop the garden gate for now! They’ll be fitted properly soon. 

When it comes to positioning them right for later fitting, your hinges should fit snugly on the top and bottom horizontal brace of your garden gate. 

Remember to place your gate with the side you’d like to fit the hinges on facing outwards, and be sure to fix your hinges to where the brace lands behind. After you’ve positioned your hinges on the gate, mark holes where the hinges will be attached to the gate, remove the hinges, drill your pilot holes, then attach the hinges properly with screws. Visually, it looks best if the hinges are centrally positioned on the brace. 

Step 4 –Fit your hinges and gate to your gate posts

Once the gate hinges are installed to your gate, it’s time to affix them to the gate posts using screws too! Be sure to position your gate carefully between the two gate posts, and use a spirit level to ensure it fits seamlessly. 

There should be enough ground clearance between the bottom of your gate and the ground so leaves and debris can pass freely, preventing your gate from becoming stuck or damaged.

Step 5 – Install your gate latch

If you’d like a closed gate that doesn’t swing and can be locked securely, don’t forget to install a gate latch and secure gate lock. You can do this by closing your gate, and marking the position for the latch and lock on your gate post opposite the hinges. Screws are the best way to attach the gate latches and locks.

In just five steps, you’ve completed a perfect gate installation!

Everything You’ll Need

Everything you’ll need to get the job done includes:

  • A wooden gate, or any garden gate of your choosing!
  • Garden gate fittings, including gate hinges, latches and catches
  • Twist drill
  • Screws
  • A spirit level
  • A pencil to mark your pilot holes
  • Gate posts

Tips: How to Hang a Gate Right the First Time

Some of our most useful tips to ensure your gate stays in place and fits perfectly the first time are as follows:

  • Measure and plan everything carefully - don’t be afraid to measure up twice!
  • Use quality hardware, especially the hinges and latches
  • Check for proper level and alignment - a spirit level is crucial for this step

Safety Considerations for Gate Installation

Hanging a gate correctly should leave a result that doesn’t allow for any vulnerabilities that criminals could exploit or time could deteriorate. Here are some of our simple but effective tips to get the best result possible:

  • Make sure your gate fits the space exactly - gaps can be exploited or weathered by time, creating vulnerabilities
  • Don’t reuse old hinges
  • Always have a secure work area
  • Don’t lift or carry your gate alone
  • Ensure your tools are in good working condition
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely
  • Don’t rush
  • Avoid gate installation during bad weather
  • Check the quality and condition of your gate posts

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of gate hanging, it might be time to start searching for a tradesperson who can provide reputable gate installation near you. When in doubt, we always recommend installation by an expert to avoid safety risks. Even the most basic DIY activities can be fatal without the right confidence or consideration. Bearing this in mind, the cost of professional gate installation doesn’t have to be expensive, either!

Our Range of Gates, Made to Last

If you’re searching for a quality garden gate, look no further. At Stellar Gates, our range of gates are made to last – as durable as they are attractive. Here’s our range our garden gates.

Side Gates

For added protection and privacy, Stellar Gates’ wooden side gates are an invaluable installation to any home. Available in softwood and hardwood options, our side gates also reach up to 8ft tall, with widths of up to 4ft 6. They’re as sustainably made as they are pleasing to the eye. 

Garden Gates

Our wooden garden gates are made from the finest Scandinavian softwood, or Iroko hardwood, depending on your preference. They’re perfect for security purposes, or to enhance the look of your yard space! And, better yet, our garden gates are also made bespoke to your exact requirements. 

Driveway Gates

To secure your driveway and add enormous curb appeal, consider investing in a deluxe Stellar Gates’ driveway gate. The timber we use for our driveway gates, whether hardwood or softwood, is of a premium grade. At Stellar Gates, we’re more than passionate about high quality, made-to-measure driveway gates – we’re committed to providing the very best. Choose from a variety of versatile designs.

Why Choose Stellar Gates for Your New Gate?

You should choose Stellar Gates for your new gate, because we:

  1. Always source high-quality materials
  2. Use a tried-and-tested framework for sturdy gate construction
  3. Provide a made-to-measure service
  4. Guarantee the water resistance of our gates
  5. Supply the best wood treatment
  6. Galvanise all of our hardware

Choose Stellar Gates for Your Property’s Security

Choose Stellar Gates for your property’s security if you’d like quality, reliable and highly-rated garden gates that complement the façade and landscape of any home across the UK. For more information about what the team at Stellar Gates can do for you, or if you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch or check out our FAQ & Support page!