Hardwood Garden Gates

For timeless hardwood garden gates, look no further. If you’re searching for those little touches that elevate your outdoor space, a hardwood garden gate from Stellar Gates makes an elegant and durable option. 

Many people make the error of buying a flimsy and cheap gate, forgetting that in most cases if you have a garden gate it’s often the very first thing someone will see when they reach your property. Quality solid garden gates set the tone for the property and add that all-important curb appeal.

Browse through our selection of Iroko solid wood gates to pick from a wide range of timeless gate designs that look great and won’t let you down.

Hardwood Garden Gates Crafted to Last

In a world of decreasing quality, as corporations churn out generic, poorly fabricated home and garden products, Stellar Gates stands out. We’re well known for our dedication to providing quality gates and gate ironmongery, and that alone. This means that these products have been our sole focus for over 15 years. In that time we’ve gotten garden gate design and production done to an art form. Our hardwood garden gates are the result of this expertise.

Choose a Stellar Gates’ gates hardwood garden gate and choose quality and experience over mediocrity. 

Iroko - Our Hardwood Garden Gate Timber

Extensive searching, research and development led us to select Iroko as the hardwood for all of our solid wood gates. This impressive natural material combines hard-wearing durability and a striking aesthetic in one great timber. 

Let’s get to know this hardwood hero. 

Iroko is nicknamed ‘African Teak’ as it looks strikingly similar to Teak. The big difference between Iroko and Teak is Iroko’s hugely enhanced endurance to the elements. Not only is it resistant to fading from UV light but also from rain, making it the perfect choice for withstanding the changeable British weather.

If you want a hardwood garden gate that looks great for years to come with minimal maintenance, an Iroko gate from Stellar Gates is your best bet. 

Beautiful Natural Colouring, Customised to Your Taste

The light brown colouring of our Iroko hardwood gates can be stained darker or left at its natural colour level with a clear wax or varnish. Purchase high-quality Treatex wood oil in a variety of shades to achieve your desired hue. Left untreated the colour will dim to a silver grey. 

While we’d suggest using a protective layer of sealant to help your hardwood garden gate last for as long as possible, we always give our gates a protective layer of wooden gate treatment as standard. This gives an extra level of prevention against pests, rot, fungus, damp and UV rays. 

Purchase Your New Gate & Gate Ironmongery Together

Keep the quality of your garden aesthetic high with robust ironmongery that complements your new solid garden gate. We manufacture premium galvanised gate ironmongery and gate locks that make secure and attractive gate hardware. Our ironmongery kits contain all of the essential fixings you need for simple installation of single and double gates. Just grab a drill and your premium hardware can be on your gate in a matter of minutes.

Our Bespoke Sizing Options

We’re proud to accommodate a vast range of widths and lengths. Order from our extensive variety of sizing options instantly or get in touch with a member of our team to order any of our hardwood gates made-to-measure. 

Not sure what size you need? We’ve broken down exactly how to measure up your space so that you end up with a secure garden gate that fits perfectly. Use the gate size calculator to find out what size you should order for your new solid wood gate. 

Feel Good About Your Sustainable Purchase 

We know that sustainability is rightly on buyers’ minds. When you purchase a hardwood garden gate from Stellar Gates you can enjoy peace of mind that we take measures to ensure that we use sustainable practices. Our timber suppliers are and always will be FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)and PEFC-certified (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). 

That means that the forests that the timber is harvested from are responsibly managed and meet sustainable forestry practices that promote biodiversity. We also support Ecologi by donating trees for every 

You can rest assured that all of the timber we use for our gates is sustainably and responsibly sourced . All of the timber suppliers we work with are FSC and PEFC-certified. Not only that, but we partner with Ecologi which means a tree is planted for every online order we receive. That way we can ensure that we more than replace the wood that we use to make our hardwood garden gates.

Choose Stellar Gates for Lasting Hardwood Gates

At Stellar Gates, we don’t just produce a range of solid wood gates that look attractive, they also perform fantastically over time. Upgrade your entry points now and enjoy the difference in a quality constructed gate made from only the best natural materials.

Hardwood Side Gates

For secure garden gates for other areas of your property, check out our range of hardwood side gates , also made from Iroko to ensure maximum protection for the entryway to your home.

Hardwood Driveway Gates

No driveway is complete without a touch of class to welcome to you. Choose a hardwood driveway gate with enduring appeal.

Have questions about our hardwood gates? Contact us by email or phone today and a member of the team will be happy to help.