Quality Driveway Gates for a Secure Home Exterior

We specialise in wooden driveway gates, largely due to their eco-friendliness and traditional style. 

Our website makes it easy for you to look at various options. We can guide you in selecting the right type of timber, calculating what gate sizes you need, and researching wood treatments available.

Wooden Driveway Gates to Suit Any Drive

Seeking a wooden gate for your driveway’s entrance? Well, you can afford to be picky - as all of the following benefits apply to what we offer.

  • A unique look: No wooden driveway gate is identical to another - as pieces of wood naturally differ from each other in grain and texture.
  • Welcoming image: For all our gates designed for driveway entrances, the timber we use will make your property feel more inviting.
  • Green credentials: Why order a wooden driveway gate - rather than steel or aluminium? One good reason is timber’s sustainability as a material.

Handcrafted & Made to Last

This hands-on approach to making driveway gates enables us to provide them in styles and finishes suiting the client’s personal preferences. You can also choose from a range of attractive exterior coatings for your driveway gates. 

As affiliates of The Guild of Master Craftsmen, we know how to make wooden driveway gates resilient for the long haul - come rain (literally) or shine.

Explore Our Softwood Driveway Gates

Our softwood driveway gates comprise Scandinavian redwood - and come with these key benefits: 

  • Weather resistance: Scandinavian redwood grows slowly in its original cold setting, so is dense enough to resist water damage.
  • Great value: Despite its many great qualities, redwood is less popular than hardwood - and, for this reason, is also generally cheaper.
  • Premium-grade material: We are very selective about the quality of the Scandinavian redwood used for our softwood driveway gates.

Explore Our Hardwood Driveway Gates

Our hardwood driveway gates are manufactured from Iroko timber. You can expect the following features:

  • Autumnal appearance: If you want to aim to create a minimalist aesthetic style, these gates come in colours to suit.
  • Strength and durability: Iroko timber is made from broadleaved, deciduous trees - therefore, it resists scratches or dents effectively.
  • Holds up well: Once installed, these gates will not easily incur damage or wear from being regularly opened and closed.

Built to Your Dimensions

Driveway entrances are entirely unique to each home, displaying a diverse array of shapes, sizes and surroundings.

Pick from many different heights and widths, giving your driveway as much privacy as you’d like.

Affordable Security for Your Home

Looking to improve the security of your home? It’s not all about looks, of course. Our durable driveway gates also are great for keeping your home protected from trespassers. 

  • Improved privacy: When these gates are closed, they can prevent prying eyes from peering into your garden or residential building. 
  • Physical resilience: We can provide you with gates that would be difficult for people to seriously damage.

What Size Is a Driveway Gate?

Determining the required width of your driveway gate does not simply involve measuring the width of the opening where the gate will be fitted. Here is a guide to calculating driveway gate measurements.

Do I Need Planning Permission for My Driveway Gate?

You will not need planning permission to install a new driveway gate as long as it meets these conditions:

  • Will not be taller than one metre (from ground level) if beside a highway used by vehicles (or the footpath of such a highway)
  • Will not be taller than two metres (from ground level) if installed anywhere other than either of the two location types described in the above point
  • Will not be installed on a site that includes - or is within the curtilage of - a listed building
  • Will not form (or involve) a boundary with a neighbouring listed building or its curtilage
  • Will not be erected in a location where the right to put up gates has been removed by a planning condition or an article 4 direction

More on planning permission for gates here.