Hardwood Side Gates

Protect and enhance side entrances to your home with a hardwood side gate from Stellar Gates. Our carefully crafted Iroko hardwood side gates offer a functional hardwood gate option that’s robust enough to safeguard your property and look fantastic doing it. Invest in hardwood to keep the entrance to your property looking and acting the part. 

Whether you prefer an unfussy solid side gate or something with a bit more decorative flair, you’re sure to find a side gate you’ll love in our collection. And the best part is that they’re all crafted using Iroko, a hardwood that will endure for years to come. 

What sizes of hardwood side gates do Stellar Gates offer?

Our range of side gates measure between 1500mm to 2400mm in height. If you’re looking for a smaller gate, take a look at our garden gates which measure between 900mm to 13500mm.

Browse the full range of side gates below to find the perfect new hardwood side gate to suit your space.

Our Range of Hardwood Side Gates

First things first, let’s introduce you to our range of meticulously designed and crafted hardwood side gates. Our aim at Stellar Gates is always to provide our customers with a variety of appealing options that can exist in harmony with all kinds of garden aesthetics. From bold and minimalist picks to more decorative designs, there's something for everyone. Here’s a rundown of the range:

Village Design: A modest yet marvellous hardwood side gate, adding simple elegance to your home.

Lymm Design: A narrow arch adds character and forms a strong appearance.

Appleton Design: A broader arch that contrasts with the vertical boards beneath.

Cheshire Design: A straight top offsets bars underneath, creating a bold look.

Lancashire Design: Bars and an arched top give that country cottage feel to this hardwood side gate.

Birchwood Design: Accompanied by bars and a downward arch, the Birchwood combines style with wind resistance.

All of our hardwood side gates are available in heights up to 2.4m, widths up to 1.8m and optional posts that extend gate durability. We also have a selection of galvanised and black hardware that keeps your gate looking great.

Benefits of Our Hardwood Side Gates

Hardwood side gates are an excellent choice for any home for a whole host of reasons. Our attractive premium gates offer you a winning combination of strength and safety with a timelessly classic look which will last for years to come. Let’s dig into the benefits of investing in a hardwood gate from Stellar Gates.

Match Your Property’s Aesthetic

At Stellar Gates, we offer a wide range of customisations so that you don’t just receive a robust and secure hardwood side gate, but also one that suits your home’s style perfectly.

Whether you have a brick, stone, whitewashed, or timber-clad exterior, you’ll be able to select the stain colour and ironmongery to perfectly complement your house. Iroko’s natural grain and colouring is a beautiful cool light brown, very similar to Teak but far more durable. A clear wax, oil or lacquer will preserve its colour or you can easily apply a paint or wood oil to adapt the shade to your exact preference.

Made From Robust Iroko

Stellar Gates produces hardwood side gates in Iroko hardwood. Whichever design you opt for, every hardwood gate we sell is made with extremely high-quality Iroko and will give your home a naturally luxurious look. 

We selected Iroko as our hardwood gate timber after searching for a material that doesn’t just look good but performs excellently over time. With regular but simple maintenance with wood oil your side gate can look virtually new year after year thanks to Iroko’s resistance to the elements. 

Protection from Noise and Cold

Hardwood side gates provide a strong insulating barrier to the sides of your home. If you are bothered by street or road noise coming from the front of your property, hardwood side gates will deliver a remarkably effective sound barrier and allow you to enjoy your back garden much more peacefully. 

If you’re troubled by cold winds being channelled down the sides of your property, a hardwood side gate will help to block the draughts efficiently and stop that wind tunnel in its tracks. The combination of the solid side gate constructed with tongue and groove boards - not cheap shiplap boarding - makes a dependable barrier for this purpose.

Quality Construction

When you buy from Stellar Gates you can enjoy a next-level experience of gate construction. Not only do we always use tongue and groove boards that fit seamlessly and securely together, but we also provide excellent water resistance. All of the top edge and bracing are chamfered, effectively encouraging water to run off instead of sitting on the gate, water-staining it.  

When being built bespoke, all of our secure side gates benefit from a final clear layer of wood treatment to increase their resistance to outdoor conditions. This helps give them an edge over:

  • - Garden pests and insects
  • - Damp, as it seals against moisture
  • - Fungus and rot
  • - Extreme weathers like UV rays from harsh sun as well as rainy and wind

The Durable Choice

All of our hardwood side gates are extremely durable due to Iroko’s natural resistance to both water damage and wear and tear. When you opt for a hardwood gate you’re making a long-term investment in both your home’s appearance and security. 

As the old saying goes, ‘buy cheap and buy twice’ - however, with our solid side gates, you won’t need to think about replacement for many years to come. Choose a Stellar Gates hardwood side gate for enduring peace of mind.

Protect Your Property with a Secure Side Gate 

It’s well known that the side entrance is a vulnerability to your home’s security. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, otherwise known as CPTED, is a well-regarded theory encouraging the use of features such as side gates as they act as both a physical and psychological barrier to criminals to ward them off from your property. 

Replace any flimsy or run-down gates by ordering a secure side gate from Stellar Gates to reinforce your security. Hardwood is the ideal investment as part of your home security measures.

Why Stellar Gates? 

Here are just a few more reasons to choose us for your new side garden gate…

Meticulous attention to detail - We’re specialists and we’re proud of it. It’s taken years of development and refinement to create our range of beautiful, well-designed gates that perform their best for our customers. 

Dedication to customer service - Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Take a look at our 5-star Trustpilot reviews to see what people loved about buying from Stellar Gates.

Made-to-measure size options - When it comes to side gates, you don’t want to invest in a beautiful looking gate that doesn’t fit quite right. Use our gate size calculator to help you figure out exactly which size you need and we’ll be here to provide it.

Quality hardwood and construction - Every gate receives a thorough quality inspection to make sure that it lives up to our reputation. When you buy a side garden gate from us, you can rest assured it’s the finest build quality. 

Sustainable practices - Sustainability is at the core of our business values. We strive to ensure that every piece of timber used to create our unbeatable hardwood and softwood garden gates is FSC and PEFC-certified. We also partner with Ecologi to ensure a tree is planted for every order to receive, ensuring we replant more trees than we use for manufacture. 

Customise Your New Hardwood Side Gate Today

Get started on purchasing your brand-new hardwood side gate today. Choose from a wide variety of sizes that you can instantly buy, or contact us if you need a bespoke fit - we’re always happy to help. After all, a made-to-measure gate can help to keep your home safe and sound as well as just looking better.

Add on any wood stains or gate ironmongery you need when you buy with Stellar Gates. Our gate ironmongery is made from galvanised steel for strength - just like our gate locks - and comes in black or silver colour options. Simply add them to your order for fantastic quality fixings to match the look and feel of your new side gate.

If you have any queries about our side garden gates, reach out to the team at Stellar Gates, today.