Hardwood Side Gates

Our hardwood gates are made Iroko hardwood. Iroko is a very durable and stable timber. We offer an eye-catching yet effective range of Hardwood Gates that add colour, protection and functionality to your house, no matter the type, treatment, size or ironmongery, including hinges, bolts or latches, are. Our hardwood are made from durable Iroko and can be supplied with Treatex oil.

Custom-Made Hardwood Side Gates

To ease the buying process for our customers, our quick ‘support’ section will help you find the right type of timber, calculate your required gate size and provide treatment options.

Our Hardwood Side Gates

  • Village Design: Modest yet marvellous, adding simple elegance to your home.
  • Lymm Design: A narrow arch add character and forms a strong appearance.
  • Appleton Design: A broader arch that contrasts with the vertical boards beneath.
  • Cheshire Design: A straight top offsets bars underneath, creating a bold look.
  • Lancashire Design: Bars and an arched top provide that country-side feel.
  • Birchwood Design: Accompanied by bars and a downward arch, the Birchwood combines style with wind resistance.

Our Hardwood Side Gates are available in heights up to 8ft, widths up to 4ft 6 and optional posts that extend gate durability. We also have a selection of galvanised and black hardware that keeps your gate looking great.

Benefits of Hardwood Side Gates

Hardwood side gates are an excellent choice for any home and are a quality product which will really make your property stand out. Protecting the side entryways of your house with strong hardwood side gates will provide security and durability while adding an attractive premium feature to your outside areas. Our attractive premium gates offer you a winning combination of strength and safety with a timelessly classic look which will last for years to come.

Customised Hardwood Side Gates For Your House Style

At Stellar Gates, our hardwood side gates are completely customisable so you can get the look you really want and find a style that truly suits your home. Whether you have a brick, stone, whitewashed, or timber-clad exterior, you’ll be able to select the stain colour and ironmongery to perfectly complement your house. Stellar Gates produce hardwood side gates in Iroko hardwood. Whichever one you choose, every wood options we sell is of extremely high quality and will give your home a naturally luxurious look.

Hardwood Side Gates Offer Protection from Noise and Cold

Hardwood side gates will provide a strong insulating barrier to the sides of your home. If you are bothered by street or road noise coming from the front of your property, hardwood side gates will deliver an effective sound barrier and allow you to enjoy your back garden much more peacefully. Additionally, if you’re troubled by cold winds being channelled down the sides of your property, a hardwood side gate will help to block the draughts efficiently and stop that wind tunnel in its tracks.

Hardwood Side Gates are a Highly Durable choice

Both of Our hardwood side gates are extremely durable (in addition to looking fantastic, of course!) Because of the wood’s natural resistance to both weather damage and wear & tear, this means that choosing a hardwood side gate is a very high quality option. They are designed and built to last, both improving the appearance of your property and increasing its value for the future. In short, a hardwood side gate is a genuine investment in your home. Regular maintenance of your gates will improve the performance of the timber for many years.

Customise and Purchase Your Hardwood Side Gates Today

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