Handcrafted Side Gates for Sale

Choose from hardwood or softwood for your side gates, which can also arrive equipped with ironmongery features like bolts, latches and hinges. You can also take your pick of the wood treatments we offer.

We offer a range of side gates measuring 1500mm to 2400mm in height. If you require a smaller outdoor gate (900mm to 1350mm), please take a look at our Garden Gates

Choosing the Right Side Gate for Your Home or Premises

If you’re seeking higher security for your domestic or commercial property, we can provide you with a custom gate suiting either a modern or traditional aesthetic. 

What to expect:

  • Eco-friendliness: This is a strong incentive to opt for wood - rather than, say, metal - gates. We always source timber sustainably.
  • A seamless look: Visually, our side gates work well in areas where trees and foliage are abundant, as wood is itself organic in origin.
  • Uniqueness: Even side gates in standard designs will come across as distinctive, as the grain of wood naturally varies from piece to piece.

Range of Custom Designs

When placing your side gate order with us, you can choose from an extensive range of features.

You can specify the size of those gates as well as their colour, with many paint and stain options available. Once you have given us a brief for the design of your side gates, they will be handmade from either hardwood or softwood.

Softwood Side Gates

We use Scandinavian redwood for our softwood side gates. 

  • High quality: We don’t use just any Scandinavian redwood. We’ve carefully selected our supplier to ensure the wood has as few knots as possible.
  • Moisture resistance: Of course, this can really come into its own when rain or snow falls heavily upon the gate. 
  • Durability: When looked after well, Scandinavian redwood gates can last many years.

Hardwood Side Gates

Though hardwoods are not always harder than softwoods, the wood we’ve chosen for our hardwood side gates is Iroko timber, which is credited with:

  • Incredible durability: Since your side gate could find itself opened and closed pretty often, you wouldn’t want it to easily break under pressure.
  • Promise for your security: Here, too, the wood’s strength comes into play, helping to prevent break-ins from happening via the side gate.
  • Great value: As long as you look after Iroko hardwood side gates well, you can expect them to enhance your home’s market value.

Built to Your Exact Dimensions

It’s a crucial point that we offer made-to-measure side gates, as it means those you purchase from Stellar Gates fit perfectly. 

We can provide side gates in heights ranging from 1,500mm to 2,400mm. If you are looking for smaller gates, however, take a look at our selection of wooden garden gates, which range from 900mm to 1,350mm tall.

Durable to Withstand the Harshest Weather

Side gates from Stellar Gates remain in impressive condition for years once fitted. All of our gates are built to last no matter the weather - including torrential rain, heavy hail and volatile storms. 

This physical resilience is no small benefit in an age when climate change is fuelling extreme weather events.

What Is the Standard Width of a Side Gate?

We provide wooden side gates up to 1800mm wide. If you wish, we can also offer you some posts for use in framing the gates. 

To calculate the gate width you need, start by measuring the opening where the gate will be fitted. Also, account for any beads and wall posts set to be included.

How Much Gap Do You Need for a Gate?

Due to the bespoke approach taken to making our side gates, you can find just the right gates for the gap rather than the other way around. 

However, remember that the wall posts we provide are each 45mm thick, and we recommend leaving an additional 15mm gaps either side for expansion and movement of the timber. The beads attached to our wall posts cover these gaps from the front. 

For Stunning Side Gates That Last, Look No Further

Interested to know more about our side gates? We can deliver to addresses across the UK. Feel free to ring 01925 387008 for any further questions.