Looking After Your Gates

Why it’s important to protect your gates

Why it’s important to protect your gates

In order to get the best performance and longer life out of your gates, it is highly recommended that you regularly treat them. Treating your gates gives it UV protection and prevents water ingress. Failure to treat the gates correctly can affect the stability of your gates. The points below give you the information you need to look after your gates as best as possible.

How to treat your gates

How to treat your gates

If ordering the Treatex oil from our website, you will be supplied with a 1 litre or 2.5 litre tin. It is recommended that you treat in dry weather. Check the information on the tin for the best way to apply. Use a paintbrush to apply the stain, making sure to use even strokes throughout the gate to minimise patchiness. Once applied, wait a 12-24 hours till it is dry before adding an additional coat. The oil will need to be applied a minimum of two times in order for the best protection.

If using on Scandinavian Redwood, we highly recommend applying a wood preservative that protects against blue stain and fungal attacks. Treatex also have a wood preservative for this.

If applying oil to Iroko, this can be brushed on as above and re-applied when it looks necessary.

To ensure further protection of your gates, it is recommended that you re-apply a coat a minimum of once a year for hardwood gates, and twice a year for softwood gates.

Benefits of Treating Your Gates

Benefits of Treating Your Gates

Full Protection All Year Round

When you first purchased and installed your new wooden gate, it will have been treated to protect it from wood rot and insects. These treatments do not last forever though, and they will not provide full protection against the elements. Treating your gates periodically will prevent weather erosion and damage from the sun’s UV rays.

Person painting a wooden gate

Avoid Bleaching and Bowing
It is fair to say that most of us agree that the British summertime doesn’t last long enough. However, the summer heat (as limited as it can be sometimes) can lead to damaging effects to your gates. High-quality wood treatment will stop your wooden gate from swelling in the heat and prevent sunlight from bleaching or bowing the material too.

Resist Bacteria and Mould
Here at Stellar Gates, we use and highly recommend the Treatex oil for our gates. This provides astute resistance to bacteria and mould, keeping your garden gates fresh and free from discolouration all year round. The collection is available in a wide variety of colours too, including sheer, bay, copper bay and seal brown.

A man painting a wooden gate

Dry and Breathable Material
If you have a softwood gate, it is really important that you protect it against water damage without restricting the material’s breathability. Treating it with a water repellent and breathable wood preservative will help to avoid any swelling or warping. A dry gate, that is able to breathe, is a happy and healthy gate.

Maintain Colour and Appeal
Hardwood gates will lose their colour over time, naturally. They can often turn silver or grey over time, making them less aesthetically pleasing compared to when you first bought them. To maintain their warm and natural colour, you should regularly stain and treat the hardwood material with oil.

Save Money
Ultimately, the biggest benefit to homeowners and commercial properties alike is in relation to cost-effectiveness. Treatment products do cost money, of course, but no way near the same value as a brand new set of wooden gates. Left untreated, your gates may become damaged, weathered and in need of replacement. You can avoid this expense and unnecessary effort by keeping your current gates in tip-top condition.