A Straightforward Guide to Perfect Driveway Gate Installation
December 14, 2023

A Straightforward Guide to Perfect Driveway Gate Installation

The bigger the gate, the more challenging the installation may seem! Driveway gate installation is therefore rarely attempted by DIY-ers, though it isn’t an impossible task – as long as you have the correct instructions to hand. Proper guidance makes all of the difference when it comes to DIY-ing driveway gate installation. 

Learn how to hang a driveway gate correctly with Stellar Gates, one of the UK’s leading wooden driveway gate providers, below. 

Simple Steps to Hang a Driveway Gate Perfectly

Step 1 – Purchase a reliable driveway gate and hardware to match

The first step to driveway gate installation is purchasing a reliable driveway gate that complements your home. Stellar Gates provide a diverse range of gate sizes to this end, as well as the option for bespoke sizing. Remember to purchase durable fittings, such as gate ironmongery, required to hang the gate successfully. 

Step 2 – Determine the structural brace of your gate

Before we even hang the driveway gate, it’s important to determine the structural brace of your gate. Most gates open inwards with the horizontal and diagonal bracing on the back of the gates. The hinges will fix on this side. For gates that open outwards, the hinges will fit on the front of the gates. Packers will be needed for the hinges to sit flush with the tongue and groove boards.

Step 3 – Check your clearance

Again, before you even consider hanging a custom driveway gate in your property, there’s one last thing you need to consider: the amount of clearance required for your driveway gate to work. The opening should be 40mm larger than your gate with 15mm of room per side. Specialists break down the reasons behind these measurements in more detail. However, all you really need to know is that the right amount of clearance allows you to open your gate properly. 

Step 4 – Fit the driveway gate hinges and mark your hinge plates

Now, it’s time to fit the driveway gate hinges. We recommend using an adjustable gate hinge to make your driveway gate installation as simple as possible. Centralise your hinge on the horizontal structural brace of your gate – they need to be placed on the top and bottom of this brace. Mark holes as to their position, remove the hinge, and drill pilot holes for the screws. The square opening on the hinge is for the dome-headed bolt – drilled through the entirety of the gate. 

Repeat the process of creating a pilot hole for this, and gradually increase the size to prevent the wood from splitting. Finally, connect the eye bolt to the hinge, then fix one bolt and washer to either side of the edge of your hinge to complete the hinge-fitting process.

Marking your hinge plates is also relatively easy – place your hinge plate onto the eye bolt, calculate your ground clearance gap with a pencil and tape measure, and mark on your pre-existing gate posts where the bottom of the hinge plate lies. Repeat for the top of the hinge! Then, repeat the process of drilling pilot holes, and fix your hinge plates to the posts using screws. This should be done on both sides of the gate posts.

Step 5 – Hang your driveway gate

The last thing you need to do is actually hang your driveway gate! For this step, be sure to call in assistance. Two people – or more, if your driveway gate is made of heavy hardwood – can lift the gate onto the hinge plates. You’re then free to adjust the hinges using the two bolts as needed. 

Use a level throughout the driveway gate installation process to make sure everything is as exact as can be. 

You’ll know the installation is successful when the driveway gate swings open and closed without a hitch! 

Equipment You’ll Need

  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Straight edge
  • Spirit level 
  • Electric drill
  • Spanner or wrench set
  • Screwdriver

Expert Tips: Hanging a Driveway Gate Yourself

If you’re hanging a driveway gate yourself, we’ve collected the following useful tips to ensure your gate fits correctly and stays in place. These are especially important to remember if your gate is longer or heavier than usual:

  1. Take accurate measurements – It’s important, particularly if you’ve customised your driveway gate, to take accurate measurements of your gate opening before installation. We recommend measuring at least twice to be sure.
  2. Select quality materials – Invest in high-quality materials for your gate, particularly its components. Make sure your gate posts are sturdy, and all hinges and latches are galvanised. This means they’ll be able to take the weight of your gate.
  3. Plan for automation – If you’d like to automate a heavy gate in future to make operating it easier, lay your electrical conduits and develop a clear plan for the power sources you’d like to use now. Whilst this complicates installation, it’s worth it!

Keep Your Entry Points Secure by Fitting Your Driveway Gate Properly

There are also some essential security factors to consider when hanging a driveway gate. Gates that aren’t level, plumb, securely anchored or made from poor-quality materials are more vulnerable than others. 

Take these measures during and after installation to avoid any trouble:

  1. Make sure your gate fits the space exactly
  2. Purchase motion-activated lighting to cover your gate’s opening
  3. Don’t re-use old or rusty hinges during installation
  4. Consider installing a high-quality latch and locking mechanism
  5. Carry out the regular maintenance of your driveway gate and all components

If you’re concerned about fitting a poorly secured or vulnerable driveway gate, consider investing in an expert’s help. Driveway gate installation can be tricky due to the larger and heavier sizing of the gate. It may be worth calling in a professional for peace of mind.

Stellar Gates’ Range of Classic Driveway Gates

If you’re still searching for a quality driveway gate that will fit your space to the millimetre and last for years to come, explore some of Stellar Gates’ brilliant range of classic driveway gates, here.

Softwood Wooden Driveway Gates 

Made of the finest Scandinavian Redwood – a sustainably sourced, attractive timber with fewer knots – our wooden driveway gates are as high quality as they are sturdy. They’re ultra-reliable across a range of testy weather conditions, and visually appealing to boot. Our softwood driveway gates are available in various different designs to maximise your privacy and security at home.

Hardwood Driveway Gates

If softwood isn’t your style, check out our hardwood driveway gates, created from the finest Iroko hardwood. Iroko hardwood is known for being durable and stable, and is easily protected from dirt and damage with one of our premium grade wood treatments. You can count on Stellar Gates for driveway gates that will withstand the elements and still look great.

How to Select a Driveway Gate You Can Count On: Choose Stellar Gates

There are countless reasons to choose a driveway gate from Stellar Gates, including all of the reasons we’ll list below! But, most of all, customers purchase from us time and time again because they can count on us, and our years of expertise in manufacturing custom driveway gates. 

We always:

  1. Source high-quality materials
  2. Use a tried-and-tested framework for sturdy gate construction
  3. Provide a made-to-measure service
  4. Guarantee the water resistance of our gates
  5. Supply the best wood treatment
  6. Galvanise all of our hardware

Get in Touch for Advice about Driveway Gates and More

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