4 Best Ways to Upgrade Your Garden This Summer
May 25, 2022

4 Best Ways to Upgrade Your Garden This Summer

Our gardens are cherished outdoor spaces that, no matter their size, we want to make the most out of during the warm summer months. So, as summertime gets closer and closer, and the weather grows increasingly warmer, now is the best time to upgrade your garden with quality products, ensuring it is ready in time for the magnificent spells of sunshine that will soon be upon us.

Sure, you may be eagerly looking forward to getting those rusty deckchairs out of the shed, sitting back and catching some rays. But the sooner you get out there to make some easy upgrades to your garden now, the sooner you’ll be able to unwind in your backyard oasis under the blazing sun. Having access to gardens and outdoor areas provides several health advantages for both our physical and emotional well-being, so you must make the most of your garden space.

Stellar Gates can help you upgrade your garden this summer so that you can make the most of your outdoor space. We manufacture a wide range of driveway, side and hardwood garden gates in a variety of treatments and designs. Our products are custom-made for you, so you know they’ll fit perfectly in your house.

With that being said, here are the 4 best ways to upgrade your garden this summer!

Upgrade your driveway gate

When you think of the essential features of a garden, the lawn, patio and decking may come to mind – but these are all flat features of a garden that may not be as noticeable and powerful as a striking garden gate. Garden and driveway gates are the first thing you see when entering a garden, or even a home in most cases.

Upgrading or installing a new garden gate will heavily increase your home’s security by providing it with more protection and privacy, which is even more essential if you have children or pets that enjoy playing outdoors when the sun comes out. Wooden driveway gates are not only incredibly durable and long-lasting fixtures that provide extra security, but they are also very appealing to the eye. You could even upgrade to an automatic gate for extra ease of entry.

Paint walls, gates and furniture

There is no better way to transform your wearisome outdoor space into a beautiful garden, nor is there a better way to give your garden furniture a new lease of life, than to add a lick of paint. Painting is a cost-effective way to give your garden furniture an instant lift and modify any old plant pot or item into an attractive feature.

Why not treat that plain wall that attracts the sun as a blank canvas, and create a picturesque view in your garden with exterior paint – this can be your sunny spot where you relax and rejuvenate. Paint your old, uninspiring garden gate with bright colour, and your garden will instantly look more full of life, boosting your mood when you are outside.

A sophisticated entrance is created by painting your garden gate the same colour as the front door. It may be more powerful if the gate and walkway lead directly to the front door, but even if you just have a wooden side gate, it will work to give your property some appeal and charm. There are many gate and garden fence ideas available to give you some extra inspiration.

Illuminate your outdoor space

Summer is full of light and bright colours, and if you’ve decided to paint your space, there are even more bursts of colour to fill your garden with pure elegance. And while we may love to spend our entire summer days underneath the dazzling sun, being able to spend nights outside without having to worry about feeling cold or draughty is just as thrilling. So, why not create the ultimate garden night space and illuminate your garden with fairy lights and outdoor lights that will act as perfect areas for garden events and celebrations at your home.

Since the sun will be shining all day during summer, it could be wise to purchase some solar lights from garden centres, which generate light using solar energy collected from the sun. Fairy lights provide a comfortable and romantic atmosphere in any garden, while also drawing attention away from any undesirable aspects.

Upcycle garden furniture

Since so many of us are becoming more environmentally concerned and are trying to treat our planet with more care, upcycling or repurposing old furniture for use in your garden is a terrific way to prevent discarding and wasting it. It also adds a stunning, decorative focal point to your garden. You could take your dated, unused furniture from your outdoor or indoor space and transform them into an unconventional but stylish planter to hold bedding plants and grow fresh flowers and vegetables.

Maybe your patio space looks very bare and could do with some garden essentials. Well, upcycling some furniture to create some plant holders, plant pots, hanging decor, and outdoor seating could be a very unique idea. Just remember if you are upcycling any outdoor furniture, clean it thoroughly with a power washer of some sort – doing so will create an instant impact on the overall look of each piece of furniture.

You could easily replicate some stunning Annabel James garden decor and fittings that would have cost a bomb if you were to purchase them outright. There are several tips and online DIY tutorials on how to upcycle your old furniture and transform them into garden essentials and blissful outdoor items. This upcycled furniture can be placed around your garden to give it a fresh new look that will allow you to make the most of your outdoor space during the summer.

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